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Infection Control, Disinfection and Sanitisation Services

Fogging is an effective way of disinfecting large areas preventing re-contamination.

Virus Disinfection & Sanitisation Service. 
Pathogenic microbes such as Coronaviruses, fungi and other types of different bacteria are the main cause of airborne or direct contact diseases. Studies show that the application of disinfectants using fogging signicantly reduce the number of viable infectious airborne pathogens. cleaning and sanitising services for both commercial and domestic premises with an arsenal of option to control 99% of issues.

VirusFog are Risk Practitioners that respond to critical threats to your staff and business. Supporting an effective risk response to your problems. 


About Virus Fog

We prevent and control by Disinfecting Sanitising your location.

Put simply, we provide hygienic and safe work environments for staff by utilising a fogging method to apply the right solution at the right time.

In this document provides the information you may need to understand our offer and how we operate. We have included the detail you need to have the confidence that, circumstances and need permitting, we are the right solution for you. 

We have included:

  1. Where Virus Fog has practical and proven application Approved by US EPA & US FDA.

  2. An article to outline details on the products we use and some initial supporting documentation.

  3. A testimonial from a New Zealand company.

  4. The requirements we have of you as a client around getting the area ready and health and safety.

We have more comprehensive material to support our methods and the product we use and are happy to supply them on request.

We look forward further conversation and to determining the best way we can assist you.


Thermal ULV Fogging

Differences between thermo Fog & ULV fogging to disinfect and sanitise industrial property.


Disinfection of Aircraft


In March of 2020, we had concerns about the safety of our team at Air Center One. We wanted to know that they were confident coming into the centre and had a very real peace of mind over the Coronavirus outbreak that was taking place.

We had specific requirements of whoever was to perform the job; it had to last for 90 days to ensure ongoing safety and economy for the company.

Any product had to be approved by a recognised body to ensure quality and safety. It needed to cover the spectrum of current, developing and mutating viruses, with a particular emphasis on Coronavirus.

Virus Fog ticked all the boxes with an EPA approved product and a second compound that specifically targeted Coronavirus. We particularly liked the water based nature of the product that could be used on more delicate surfaces, and that it would last 90 days.

The efficiency and professionalism of the company also provided a great deal of confidence to all of us.

Our team feel secure in their work environment and I know we have taken the steps we need to take as responsible employees. It is important to us that our team go home safe and healthy.


We get COVID-19 virus before it gets you.

Virus Fogging is a method of Disinfection & Sanitisation to control Pathogenic microbes along with fungi and different types of bacteria.

How does it do that?
A thermal fogger is a piece of specialised equipment that makes an Ultra Low Volume (ULV) mist with droplets of between 8-40 microns. The compounds we use are approved by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and register with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) some of these compounds are water-based dry in 60 to 90 minutes. The fogger makes a warm fine mist that settles and sticks to the surface killing the virus within 10 minutes with the process repeated every 30 to 45 days depending on the level of traffic in the area.

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