150ml  Eliminate a New Zealand made product the kills all Mutating viruses This product is a broad-spectrum disinfectant Eliminate is ready to use in your home, hospitals, business, schools and food-handling areas. Use with a trigger spray, fogging unit, mop or sponge for quick and efficient elimination of viruses, bacteria and mould.


Eliminate One-Step Disinfectant Kills bacteria, mould, viruses and fungi, contains a USA EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered disinfectant that is qualified under EPA's emerging viral pathogens program for aganist SARS-CoV2, SARS Associated Coronavirus, Human Corona Virus, Avian Influernza (HINI and H3n2), HIV-I and HepatitisB and C.



Ready to use
No Alcohol
No Bleach

Non Toxic

Fast acting

Eliminate By L'essentiel NZ 20 Lt