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Controlling Corona Virus

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

With #Coronavirus we use a product the kills it within 10 minutes, The product used to do this is imported and approved by the US #EPA and registered witht eh US #FDA. We have added other compounds that help it control the surfaces that is helped in the #fogging process and give the product a longer active life that is safer.

How do viruses spread?

The rapid spread of virus throughout the office after a high-touch surface (office door handles) or the hand of just one employee can inoculated illustrates how a #contaminated surface can result in viral #transmission in the #workplace or home.


Testing Before and after, “Successful Hygiene Intervention in the Workplace Reduces the Spread of Viruses on Fomites. Suresafe

Here’s how to do it:

  1. What Biohazard are we dealing with?

  2. What product is right for the job and combat the #hazard?

  3. What process to apply the product is right for the job?

  4. Test before fogging

  5. Proform fogging

  6. Test after application

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