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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Our approch to Cleaning and sanitising services for both commercial and domestic premises is simple the first step is knowing what type of biohazard we are dealing with. Basic steps are taken in a pragmatic manner to control contamination and spread protecting staff and virusfoggers from active biohazards at all times following a strick protocol.

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COVID-19 Update: We are operating at all lockdown levels. As an essential a support service to industry we are here 24/7 during the lockdown for Critical Hygiene Sanitising and Disinfection Cleaning services for the food industry as well as hospitals, rest-homes, offices, and Work space Disinfect and Sanitisation and fogging Services. Give us a call, or enquire through the email link, we respond quickly to assist you with a solution as requirements.

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Why? Sanitiation throughout your offices and homes keeping your people safe and giving them confidance in their working enviroment.

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