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Available for properties with confirmed cases of Corona Virus Auckland New Zealand

Using best practices and guidance from strict US EPA and CDC recommendations, the expert team at Chemcare has developed a specialised service for infection control of both residential and commercial settings.

We offer a service that promotes peace of mind once people return to work or recover from an illness no matter if it is COVID-19 other mutating viruses. Each specialist service comes with a full report, site photos featuring the areas covered, and a worker declaration and Health & Safety Certificate that details who the person in charge was for the entire duration of the project to make sure that there is proper disinfection of all surface areas, touch-points, and equipment, this means it is highly effective for infection control in your business and homes, essential businesses, and sensitive interiors of industrial areas such as factories, Transport, hospitals and healthcare locations.

High-risk cleaning COVID-19

The goal is to disinfection, sanitation, infected areas controlling all mutating viruses not just COVID-19 by using a fogging process backed up by a deep cleaning process where needed. High-risk situations where suited our trained technicians in complete PPE are required.

Our experience in high-level decontamination and quality environmental clean-ups has allowed us to create new standards using specialised cleaning process and methods in such challenging times.

  • We have extensive experience in hazardous substance clean-up and decontamination.

  • We use certified international standards test units that are the best in class to check before and after sanitisation has been performed in all health and safety and management.ughout the process.

  • We use certified international standards test units that are the best in class to check before and after that sanitaisation has been proformed and has achieved in all health and safety and management standards.

What’s involved in COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection control services?

Our fogging techie staff a unique new and time tested process that is scientifically backed multi-step process to disinfect and deep-clean that your property that involves heat-treating to make a chemical fog, surface cleaner, and decontamination while deodorising the air and surfaces with each step with careful consideration of the site or room condition.

Touch-point and surface cleaning forms a significant part of infection control for COVID-19. We follow strict CDC guidelines while wearing the appropriate PPE gear. Our cleaning process includes equipment, general surfaces, furniture, doors, flooring, framing, ledges, skirting, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Once again, we use EPA-approved sprays compounds and approved chemicals wipes up all leftover residue.

Once we carry out the fogging treatment with chemical fogging and surface cleaning we test again for the biohazards.

cleaning process, the decontamination begins. This process is for our crew, equipment, and waste to ensure that all yours and our team members are kept safe throughout this entire process.

Your health and safety problems are our business.

Contact us for 24/7 service on 0273 985 896 or Email info@virusfog.co.nz

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